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 Palm Springs Sisters Showing Pride - Palm Springs 2014

Palm Springs Sisters Showing Pride 2014

 The Palm Springs Sisters (and guests) join together for Stonewall 45

The Palm Springs Sisters (and guests) join together for Stonewall 45

Novice Members

These are our newest members, taking the final step before elevation to Fully Professed Member.
They are our future, along with our postulants and aspirants.  They work hard in all they do.

Fully Professed Members

Sister Anne Drogynous

Sister Anne Drogynous

A long time member and a sister with a twist!  Annie is a transgender nun and works to keep the “T” part of LGBT in the house.  As a nun, Annie is tough and fair, but don’t step on her toes…

Sister Connie Lynngus Casserole

Sister Connie Lynngus Casserole

Mistress of Novices

Sister Connie works to nurture our nunlings and help them find the right path for their ascension from the lowly aspirant to the ready-for-the-next-step Novice members.  If you’re interested in becoming a Sister (or a Brother), Connie is your contact!

Sister Damphyr Nocturnus

Sister Damphyr Nocturnus


One of the hardest working nuns on the west coast!  From her start with the LA Sisters to being a Palm Springs Sister, Damphyr cracks the whip and rides herd on the nuns.

Sister Koi Agulant

Sister Koi Agulant

former Abbess

Sister Koi work to keep us healthy and sane.  It’s not an easy task, but she does it with tender loving care.  Or a swift kick in the butt, whichever gets the most response.

Sister Mary Margaret X-Plosion

Sister Mary Margaret Xplosion

Sr MMX has a long history with the Sisters – both in Palm Springs and other locales.  Mary Margaret loves our Sister Bingo and has a fascination for B-11!

Miss D Meaner

Sister Miss DeMeaner

Mistress of Alms

Sister Miss D has always had an eye for fashion!  And her looks shows it!  Miss D loves to travel and has been known to trot around the globe.  Well, she doesn’t trot, really.  She does it in a plane!

Father Rush MoutmoreNellianne Manly

Sister Nelli Anne Manly
aka Brother Rush Mountmore

Aliases: I’m very proud to say that I’m also known as Saint Verba LaBuse in the Los Angeles House.
Date of Birth: January 31, in the same year Disneyland opened and “Marty” was the Best Picture Oscar winner.
Hometown: I was born in Glendale (California’s “Jewel” City). I guess that’s why I’m attracted to bright, shiny objects.
Childhood: I survived my formative years in the San Fernando Valley. It was very traumatic, being raised by…DARE I SAY IT…Republicans!
Education: After two years of College, I attended Floral Design and Bartending Schools…that’s not too gay, is it?
Occupation: Let’s just say if you give me flowers and fabric, I can create one FABULOUS Wedding or Party.
Scandalous people I’ve met: Serial Killer Randy Kraft at a party shortly before he was arrested, O.J. Simpson at a Bar Mitzvah in the late 1980’s and Paris Hilton when she was 7 years old.
Marital Status: Blissfully married to Sister Tess Tickles of the Sacred Scrotum.
Hobbies: I enjoy playing Hide and Seek with Lawn Gnomes, playing Naked Twister and Strip Jenga.
Calling: I got my calling in the early 1990’s, when for some strange reason, I found myself South of Market San Francisco. It was then that I stumbled on to a Sister Poetry Reading at Hamburger Mary’s.

Father Pat

Brother Pat MyHiney

Mistress of Discipline

I am proud to offer my ability to find goodness in people while restoring their faith in themselves.  Putting on a “face” allows me to share my inner child while spreading Universal Joy.  First female (born that way!) member of the PS Sisters.

Sister Penney Pasta

Sister Penney Pasta of the Poke-a-dot Vestments

Mistress of Balls
Mistress of Quarters
Mistress of Archives

I am happily retired here in Palm Springs since 1999.  I knew in 1981 that I wanted to be a “Sister” while attending a Pride event in San Francisco, when I first saw The Sisters.  The fit is perfect for me and I’m proud of all my fellow Sisters worldwide and the incredible work we’ve done!  Spread the Joy!  Live, laugh, love!  Founding Member of the Palm Springs House – 2006.

Sister Teryn

Sister Teryn McCloseoff

former Mistress of Propaganda

Sister Teryn is our lady of the looks.  Teryn is often in the spotlight, but her humility gives us all pause.  Centered and grounded, this nun provides us all the beauty of life.

Sister Tess Tickles

Sister Tess Tickles of the Sacred Scrotum

Sister Tess is the BIGGEST of the Palm Springs Sisters.  Born in Southern California’s olden times, when musical disks were made of Bakelite that had to be played at 78 RPM, television was black and white, and gasoline was sold at full service stations for 12 cents a gallon.  She grew up, in the Upper Mojave Desert, as the offspring of a politically conservative aerospace family.  Formally trained as an Industrial Designer she spent 27 years working on classified implements of mass destruction.  (Psst…the government was never able to find them!)
As her name implies she has a proclivity for the male reproductive organs and is not shy about groping people at the first introduction.  She often wears large fuzzy purple balls on her habit as an indicator of her interests.
She is happily married to Sister Nellianne Manly with whom she shares a charming 1980’s tract home in the cultural wasteland of the Antelope Valley.  Her house is usually a flurry of creative activity, most of the time, but if it weren’t for that nagging bitch Nelli, she wouldn’t be able to get her act together .
Her hobbies include knitting colorful scrotum cozies, origami penis folding, mechanical rubber toys and generally making things pretty.
Her initial involvement with the Sisters began in the Los Angeles house, giving the girls support in various ways.   She was canonized with the name “Saint Kelly of the Purple Hankie” by the LA house, because of her service to the house and her love of body jewelry.
It was the example of the LA sisters, and watching visiting sisters to LA that sparked her interest in becoming a Sister and a founding member of the Palm Springs house.

Brother T. GingerBear

Minister of Technology
Minister of Scribes (Secretary)
Minister of Propaganda

GingerBear began life with the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in February 2014, and worked hard to be elevated to the status of Fully Professed Member 1 year later, in February 2015.  He has been continuing his support of Sisters organizations, a support that started long before his time with the order, attending many events and functions hosted by the Palm Springs Sisters, as well as the Los Angeles Sisters when living in the Long Beach area.  His calling is to work as a bridge builder, to help the Palm Springs Sisters strengthen their ties with other organizations, as well as growing acceptance of the house and all that the house does.  GingerBear works hard to be a positive influence on all, and sometimes that ain’t easy!

Novice Members

These are our newest members, taking the final step before elevation to Fully Professed Member.
They are our future, along with our postulants and aspirants.  They work hard in all they do.

 Nv Sr Inspectra PakageNvSr Inspetra Pakage Nv Sr Kytty LoganNvSr Kytty Logan
Nv Sr Aneeda Bloody-MaryNvSr Aneeda Bloody-Mary


These are our protectors and provide assistance in all we do.  They help us to fulfill our duties
and our mission of service and joy.  If you’re interested in becoming a guard, please contact us!

Postulants & Aspirants

These are our our newest members, learning the ways of being a Sister or a Brother; they join us
to be of service to our community.  If you’re interested in becoming a member, please contact us!

Nuns of The Above

These are our sisters who have been called away from this mortal plane and watch over each and
every one of us in all we do.  We love them and miss them and remember their impact upon us.

Sister Freeda Swallow

Sister Freeda Swallow

Sister Freeda was a force to be reckoned with.  Freeda made everybody happy.  We are proud to have Sister Freeda watching over us from above as we continue to grow and move forward.

Sister Piggy Sue - Board Chair - Mistress of Arcives

Sister Piggy Sue

Sister Piggy Sue was a founding member of the Palm Springs Sisters and worked closely with other organizations in the area.  She was instrumental in creating one of our lasting events – Eggstravaganza! – and The Sisters are proud to continue her legacy of helping those that need our help and supporting those that need our support.

Emeritus Members

For one reason or another, these members have taken some time away; a sabbatical if you may.

Sister Anne Thrax

Sister Anne Thrax

Mistress of Habits

Another one of our style mavens, Sister Thrax worked hard to bring our attire to a head.  And a tail.  From working with big-name designers to having some fabulous baby-dolls, Sister Thrax knows the runway!

Father Papi Seed

Father Papi Seed

Our first Father!  Papi blazed a trail with the Palm Springs Sisters, putting forth the path for the male ministry.

Guard Harry BalzacKyanne-of-the-Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers

Sister Kyanne of the Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers
aka Guard Harry Balzac

Sister Sexy Xie

Sister Sexy Exie
aka Mary X Posa

former Mistress of Scribes

Another member of our transgender community, Sexy Exie is big, brash and beautiful, just like that song.  But she’s got a heart of gold and will give you the shoes off her feet.  With an artistic eye, Sexy always has projects in process.

Teresa Flower

Sister Teresa Solution

former Mistress of Novices

Teresa received her calling while sitting on the floor of a the master bedroom during a house-party in the suburbs of Boston and has never looked back. As a founding member of the Boston Sisters, Convent of the Commonwealth, Sr. Teresa is honored to have worked on events assisting HRC, the Boston Living Center, Provincetown Soup Kitchen, AIDS Action Committee, BAGLY, Fenway Health, the LGBT Asylum Task Force and more fetish organizations than you could shake a stick at. In 2013, Sr Teresa packed her bows and moved west where she was warmly welcomed (it is a desert) by her Palm Springs Sisters. She hopes to continue to live by the credo established in Boston: We love you! We adore you! We respect you! We protect you! We serve you! We are your Sisters!

Retired and Relocated Members

These are our Sisters and Guard that have moved on to other things; new chapters in their lives.
Some have continued to be a part of the greater Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence when moving to a new area.

Guard Titan UranusGuard Titan Uranus
Former Captain of the Guard
Sister Bearlyn Monroe
RetiredSister Bearilyn Monroe
Turner LaTinaSister LaTina Turner
Sister Trystina T Hay
Boner DonorGuard Boner Donor
Sister Golden Hair Surprise
RelocatedGolden Hair Surprise
Guard NachoGuard Nacho Husband
Sister Honor Knees-A-Lot
retired.Sister Honor
Sister Isabella RingingSister Isabella Ringing Retired Sr Eve All Sister Eve All
Sister Merry Heretik


… Light … Love … Peace … Blessings …