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The Palm Springs Sisters (and guests) join together for Stonewall 45

The Palm Springs Sisters (and guests) join together for Stonewall 45

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Sister Anne Drogynous
Mistress of Alms

A long time member and a sister with a twist!  Annie is a transgender nun and works to keep the “T” part of LGBT in the house.  As a nun, Annie is tough and fair, but don’t step on her toes…

Sister Koi AgulantSister Koi Agulant

Sister Koi work to keep us healthy and sane.  It’s not an easy task, but she does it with tender loving care. Or a swift kick in the butt, whichever gets the most response.

Sister Penney PastaSister Penney Pasta of the Poke-a-dot Vestments

Mistress of Balls
Mistress of Quarters

I am happily retired here in Palm Springs since 1999.  I knew in 1981 that I wanted to be a “Sister” while attending a Pride event in San Francisco, when I first saw The Sisters.  The fit is perfect for me and I’m proud of all my fellow Sisters worldwide and the incredible work we’ve done!  Spread the Joy!  Live, laugh, love!  Founding Member of the Palm Springs House – 2006.


 Sister Tess Tickles of the Sacred Scrotum

Sister Tess is the BIGGEST of the Palm Springs Sisters.  Born in Southern California’s olden times, when musical disks were made of Bakelite that had to be played at 78 RPM, television was black and white, and gasoline was sold at full service stations for 12 cents a gallon.  She grew up, in the Upper Mojave Desert, as the offspring of a politically conservative aerospace family.  Formally trained as an Industrial Designer she spent 27 years working on classified implements of mass destruction.  (Psst…the government was never able to find them!)

As her name implies she has a proclivity for the male reproductive organs and is not shy about groping people at the first introduction.  She often wears large fuzzy purple balls on her habit as an indicator of her interests.  She is happily married to Sister Nellianne Manly with whom she shares a charming 1980’s tract home in the cultural wasteland of the Antelope Valley.  Her house is usually a flurry of creative activity, most of the time, but if it weren’t for that nagging bitch Nelli, she wouldn’t be able to get her act together .

Her hobbies include knitting colorful scrotum cozies, origami penis folding, mechanical rubber toys and generally making things pretty.

Her initial involvement with the Sisters began in the Los Angeles house, giving the girls support in various ways.   She was canonized with the name “Saint Kelly of the Purple Hankie” by the LA house, because of her service to the house and her love of body jewelry.  It was the example of the LA sisters, and watching visiting sisters to LA that sparked her interest in becoming a Sister and a founding member of the Palm Springs house.


Brother T. GingerBear
Board Secretary
Minister of Technology
Minister of Discipline

GingerBear began life with the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in February 2014, and worked hard to be elevated to the status of Fully Professed Member 1 year later, in February 2015.  He has been continuing his support of Sisters organizations, a support that started long before his time with the order, attending many events and functions hosted by the Palm Springs Sisters, as well as the Los Angeles Sisters when living in the Long Beach area.  His calling is to work as a bridge builder, to help the Palm Springs Sisters strengthen their ties with other organizations, as well as growing acceptance of the house and all that the house does.  GingerBear works hard to be a positive influence on all, and sometimes that ain’t easy! GingerBear continues to work for the order, taking on tasks that nobody else seems to want.

GingerBear has been enjoying a new look – by going half-face, an homage to a founding Sister of the mother house (in San Francisco) who was known to be out and about without face but still in pure Sister form.


Sister Inspectra Pakáge
Mistress of Scribes
Mistress of Propaganda

Sister Inspectra was manifested from the free sexual expression and unbridled erotic thoughts of men and women everywhere, rising from the glittery mists like a bottom from a fun night at the bathhouse.   The “Laying of the Hands” will never be the same around this Sister, her name alone is the clue!  Don’t let her resting b*tch face fool you…She’s got a heart-on for the community and she definitely loves to spread the joy around!   Her priority is always to make sure our beautiful community is smiling, laughing, or gasping in shock…not specifically in that order.  She’s showing that she can be a FUN-draising powerhouse with the success of our signature event, Eggstravaganza, and will be keeping the memory of Sr Piggy Sue alive by taking on the event as her own!  Keep a lookout for this Sister because she’d love to meet you!


Sister Celeste Jil Glory
Mistress of Novices

Hello all my beauties!This is more of a love story than bio.  A love for my community, my Sisters. For myself and my departed partner.  Where to start?  A good place may be the first time I laid eyes on a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

In 2003 I was living in San Francisco getting my massage business promoted and settling into a new loft.  One fine day, strolling by The Edge bar, my gaze settled on a vision of beauty at the entrance.  Now I’d seen flamboyantly painted and dressed nuns around town but knew nothing about them.  Her name was Sister Constance Craving, and we spent the next couple of hours talking about what SPI was about and sucking face in the bar.  Now we Nuns have a name for this kind of “activity” which is quite funny, but I’ll leave it to anyone to contact me if they want to know the exact term. It’s a bit racy…as was the rest of our encounter.  I was impressed with what Constance had to say about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and felt a resonance and shift in my body when I heard of their mission statement: “Expiate stigmatic guilt and perpetuate ecstatic joy!” A photo of our first meeting rests within a file for Sister Constance Craving in the San Francisco archives showing the two of us walking arm and arm away from the bar…..on our way to ….well you get the point.

By 2005  I was focused on my getting my career established, so I had lost touch with Sister Constance, but as I became more comfortable living in the city and financially stable, I began to explore ways in which I could give back to my community.   I thought I’d give the 2006 SOMA Bare Chest Calendar a try so I entered the competition to perhaps win a spot on the Calendar.  From the start of the competition I felt a strong connection to my brothers also raising money for the calendar and for the people who came to support our cause, which provides help to those living with AIDS and HIV.  A couple of weeks into the contest I met a man on  I wanted him to know what I was up to with the Calendar as I knew it would be taking up a lot of my time in the coming months and wanted him to be aware of that factor.  After I Emailed and explained my desire to help and where I’d be competing, he disclosed to me that in fact, he was a member of an organization that often did “ministry” in the very same bar The Powerhouse.  He said he was a member of the Sister’s of Perpetual Indulgence, his name was Sister Barbi Mitzvah and did that freak me out yet?  Hell no I wasn’t freaked!   In fact, I thought it was a blessing, and In my mind, I yelled YES!….excited and pumped my fist into the air.  I thought it would be cool to date someone who was involved with the Sisters and also knew the importance of serving his community.  Plus he was just down right the most genuine,  intelligent, caring and HOTTEST man I’d ever met.  Our connection was instant and very passionate.   I became Mr. May for the 2006 Calendar, and we continued to date while he attended all of my events that year (even helping with my fundraiser)  I also attended all of his events for the Sisters that year one of which, Pink Saturday stuck with me.  The night of Pink Saturday 2005 was crazy busy and exciting while we worked the main gate at Castro and Market/17th.  I had already seen Sister Barbi in action leading Bingo at the Russian River.  The evening was intense, fun and reinforced in me just how awesome the magic is that Sister’s create and share!After serving my time as Mr. May, I continued to help Sister Barbi run Bingo which she had brought back to San Francisco.  I became her aide de camp and helped with all sorts of volunteering from distributing flyers to picking up and asking for donations. I assisted and even dressed in costumes for all of her events.  Eventually, I was Sainted by the Order and became “Saint Peter the Muscle Kneader.”

As I continued to volunteer and got to know other Sister’s I had a feeling in my belly that I wanted to do more.  I also had a creative urge that was demanding release!  I had a “calling.”  I wanted to be more active, be responsible for more and I wanted to do it in-habit.  Barbi was convinced after a bit of coaxing while watching me and felt just how much I wanted to be a Nun. With her blessing, I announced my Aspirancy in 2007.I took time during my process of elevations and even had a year break to work more on other personal goals.  My mother Sister Anni Coque l’Doo had elevated to black veil in just one year.  I took two years with the help and sage advice of a gaggle of helpful Sisters on my shoulder.  I  want to stress to anyone interested in joining an Order of Sisters that this is not a race.  It’s a time of watching, listening, learning, contemplation, self-assessment and putting knowledge into action.

On October 13, 2009, I elevated to black veil and became Sister Celeste L. Powers of the San Francisco Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  I was relishing and enjoying every second of my ministry.  I enjoyed volunteering wherever there was a need, pulling up the slack.  Nuns wear many different habits, and I gained much respect for all of my other Sister’s who followed their paths and visions.  I feel a spiritual connection when I am out in-habit greeting the public and representing our Order.  What I am also much appreciative of is the way Sister Celeste has flowed over into my secular life.  I am a better man because of her.  The vows that we take are for life, and I intend to make the most of it becoming the best that I can be.  Taking risks, being vulnerable and standing for those who cannot stand for themselves.  I love doing work to raise money for animal rescues and fight hard and loud, ready to demonstrate against political unfairness and unbalance.

Circumstance and life took Barbi and me away from the Bay area and back to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2011.  We had a wonderful time there taking care of my Grandmother Punkin and her husband, Wayne.  As Sisters, we made our presence known and were well received in my beloved city where I had spent much time growing up.  We even contemplated starting an Order there.  My beloved Punkin passed away in November of 2012.

In early 2013 Barbi had offers for wonderful jobs in Portland, Oregon so we packed up the household and moved to the Northwest.  The Portland Sisters welcomed us with open arms (and legs)…(whores) I adore them. Although we were working hard to become established and settled, we felt so much respect, support and genuine love from our Portland Sisters that we had no second thoughts about joining the “Order of Benevolent Bliss.”But, as life would have it, on the very day that we joined the Portland Order tragedy hit us hard.  Sister Barbi Mitzvah was struck down by a heart attack.   Completely shattered I sleepwalked through the next few months, comforted by my Portland Sisters and so grateful for their attention and care.  I felt support from ALL of my Sisters from all over the world!  As Sisters, we are never alone and need not reach far for help, comfort, assistance, love, communication, and guidance.  I will never forget this and will continue to offer it to my Sisters as I continue on my journey, and I offer it to anyone else I come into contact with who needs a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.I put the household into storage, packed up our two kids (rescue dogs Rocketboy and Fiona) and drove down to Palm Springs for some healing and contemplation, living with dear friends.

After another brief time in Santa Fe (late 2015 to early 2016) I returned to Palm Springs and had become more grounded and settled into my place.  Grief is tough, and I hope that part of my continuing ministry will bring sensitivity to others and hope to be of support and love during extremely heart wrenching and painful experiences of loss.  I can now share my story and listen to others.  That is powerful.  This is a joy.

I’ve taken many steps to feel centered again and most important was the lesson I learned that I’m perfect the way I am at the moment.  The hardest lessons learned take a lifetime, so I’m more patient. We fall, stray from our paths and then come back.  I breathe deeply to bring my focus back to center when I feel I’m spinning off and then move ahead.  My advice to anyone who listens is to take risks, be vulnerable and fearless.  Be kind and have courage!

Since Barbi died and some time had passed, I felt a need to somewhat reinvent myself in some subtle ways. My dear Aunt was such a comfort and help to me during that difficult time that I wanted to honor her and at the same time change my name.  She continues to be a rock for me.  I have taken her first name and spelling as my middle name to honor her and make a change for myself to move forward with my life and experience a new beginning.   A new beginning here in Palm Springs….where my dear Sisters here have given me unconditional love, support, and care.  So much so that I am now a proud member of the Palm Springs Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence “The Irreverent Jewels of the Desert.”

Please now call me Sister Celeste Jil Glory.  Laughter is life and love will always overcome hate. MmmmHmmmm…that’s right!


Sister Kennor Barbie
Bio Coming Soon

Sister Bea Czar
Bio coming soon

Emeritus Members

For one reason or another, these members have taken some time away; a sabbatical if you may. Sister Mary Margaret Xplosion

Sr MMX has a long history with the Sisters – both in Palm Springs and other locales.  Mary Margaret loves our Sister Bingo and has a fascination for B-11! Sister Connie Lynngus CasseroleSister Connie works to nurture our nunlings and help them find the right path for their ascension from the lowly aspirant to the ready-for-the-next-step Novice membersSister Miss DeMeanerSister Miss D has always had an eye for fashion!  And her looks shows it!  Miss D loves to travel and has been known to trot around the globe.  Well, she doesn’t trot, really.  She does it in a plane!Sister Anne ThraxSister Anne ThraxAnother one of our style mavens, Sister Thrax worked hard to bring our attire to a head.  And a tail.  From working with big-name designers to having some fabulous baby-dolls, Sister Thrax knows the runway!Father Papi SeedFather Papi SeedOur first Father!  Papi blazed a trail with the Palm Springs Sisters, putting forth the path for the male ministry.Guard Harry BalzacKyanne-of-the-Red-Hot-Chili-PeppersSister Kyanne of the Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers
aka Guard Harry BalzacSister Sexy XieSister Sexy Exie
aka Mary X PosaAnother member of our transgender community, Sexy Exie is big, brash and beautiful, just like that song.  But she’s got a heart of gold and will give you the shoes off her feet.  With an artistic eye, Sexy always has projects in process.Teresa FlowerSister Teresa SolutionTeresa received her calling while sitting on the floor of a the master bedroom during a house-party in the suburbs of Boston and has never looked back. As a founding member of the Boston Sisters, Convent of the Commonwealth, Sr. Teresa is honored to have worked on events assisting HRC, the Boston Living Center, Provincetown Soup Kitchen, AIDS Action Committee, BAGLY, Fenway Health, the LGBT Asylum Task Force and more fetish organizations than you could shake a stick at. In 2013, Sr Teresa packed her bows and moved west where she was warmly welcomed (it is a desert) by her Palm Springs Sisters. She hopes to continue to live by the credo established in Boston: We love you! We adore you! We respect you! We protect you! We serve you! We are your Sisters! Sister Samoa KrackatoaRetired and Relocated MembersThese are our Sisters and Guard that have moved on to other things; new chapters in their lives.
Some have continued to be a part of the greater Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence when moving to a new area.Guard Titan UranusGuard Titan Uranus
Former Captain of the GuardSister Bearlyn Monroe
RetiredSister Bearilyn MonroeTurner LaTinaSister LaTina Turner
RelocatedSister Trystina T Hay
RelocatedTrystina-T-HayBoner DonorGuard Boner Donor
RelocatedSister Golden Hair Surprise
RelocatedGolden Hair SurpriseGuard NachoGuard Nacho Husband
RetiredSister Honor Knees-A-Lot
retired.Sister HonorSister Isabella RingingSister Isabella Ringing RetiredSr Eve All Sister Eve All
RelocatedSister Merry Heretik