Being a Sister, Brother or a Guard is a Calling!

To become a Sister, you need to have a desire and a dedication to helping those in need, to speak out for the community and, of course, be PRETTY! The Sisters work hard for the charities we support and are always being asked to participate in events in the greater Palm Springs area.
To become a Guard, you need to have a desire to be an important member of the Order. Guards become Full Professed Members after following the elevation steps as outlined for Ministrants [Sisters or Brothers].

There are different paths to becoming a member of The Palm Springs Sisters.  As a potential member, you should think about what you want to gain by your progression and the following of your chosen path.

Elevation path – to become a Sister, Brother, or Guard.

  • Aspirant Period – This is where you get to know us, and us you. You start coming to our meetings as a guest and have talks with our Fully Professed Members, especially our Mistress of Novices. During his time, you should also be coming to our events and assisting us in these wonderful times. When you are ready, you can voice your intent to join our House and start your path towards Fully Professed Member.
  • Postulant/Cadet Period – is when you get to put on “Face” and wear the “official” Postulant robe or Guard attire. During the period, your attire and appearance do have some restrictions; these will be clarified by the Mistress of Novices. You will also need to choose a mentor in the house. This person must be a fully professed member and will be responsible for mentoring you through your path.
  • Novitiate Period –  is when you get your official House Coronet and Veil, or Guard Cap. Sisters/Brothers are also allowed to start adorning your makeup with glitter and jewels! During this stage of your journey, you learn the lessons needed to become a Fully Professed Member, and you will be required to enact a novice project that shows the house your ability to create and implement a successful event and work with other members of the house as a team to coordinate your event.
  • Fully Professed Member (FPM) – Congratulations! The house has voted on your journey, based on what they have seen in your appearances, your ability to work with the group as a team player, your dedication to the Order’s mission and all that you have learned from each step of your progression.

Some important things to know –

  • Until you are an FPM, you are not permitted to publicly represent the Sisters. You should always direct any questions or press to a Fully Professed Member.
  • During each stage of progression, you are required to meet certain milestones set by the Mistress of Novices or the House. These include but are not limited to specific attendance requirements for meetings and/or events.
  • Until you are a FPM you are not permitted to publicly appear in face without the presence of a FPM.
  • There are specific attire and/or uniform stipulations, as well as specific requirements for your public face.  These will be discussed with you and the Mistress of Novices.

This is just a brief overview of what it takes to become a Member. If you want to discuss the process in detail, please complete the form below and our Mistress of Novices will contact you.  You may also come to any of our meetings or events and get to know us – and speak with the Mistress of Novices of your intentions.

Contact our Mistress of Novices