Contestants are required to participate in the Palm Springs Leather events leading up to and including the Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest.  Your application fee allows you entry in the weekend events, so long as you fulfill the requirements of a Contestant as described herein. Your registration and attendance as a Contestant represent your agreement to abide by the guidelines outlined here.  We believe you are also making an investment in yourself which is a great opportunity to have fun, grow your skills, and make a difference! Should you win the title you seek, you will be expected to perform the following (This is your contract—by completing the online registration, you hereby agree to all of the terms and conditions of this contract.):

  1. AGE
  • Contestants must be at least 21 years old by contest date.
  • Residency in Palm Springs is preferred.
  • However, if you are not a current resident of Riverside County, you must show proof of employment or school registration within the county indicating you frequent and are invested in the Palm Springs community.
  • Please note: applications from non-residents will be scrutinized and accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please use the contact form on the website for a review to precede your application OR simply submit an explanatory addendum with your application.
  • PSSPI does not police gender. However, as a feeder contest, our title holder[s] must conform to the rules and regulations of The Mr. Palm Springs Leather Contest as outlined by PSLOD.


  • Beginning Friday, August 23, 2019, at 8 PM – Arrive at The Eagle Palm Springs & begin availability for weekend obligations through Sunday, August 25, 2019.
  • Your attendance for Saturday day and night and Sunday are required.
  • Personal Interviews will be held on Saturday morning – This is the largest part of the score and participation is required. The location will be disclosed to all contestants.


One does not need to understand everything about being a titleholder in order to become one. You are given room to learn-as-you-go. The producers are here to answer your questions and help connect you with mentors. None of the title categories for PSSPI are limited by anyone else’s version of what “Leather” is.  We ask that you be who YOU are by offering edgy, exciting, and/or energetic reflection of your community in an open and positive way.

  • Uphold community expectations of a Leather Titleholder including conduct, appearance, and public decorum. Be willing to accept and follow reasonable feedback from the producers and know that you represent both Palm Springs and that a Leather Titleholder is expected to be a community advocate, resource, and a positive force that represents us with Honor.
  • Attend a photo shoot to be arranged by the contest producers.
  • Participate in, at a minimum, monthly check-in meeting with at least one producer. This ensures you have the support and guidance you need but is not meant to restrict your vision.
  • Promote and participate with the PSSPI Contingent during Palm Springs’s Annual LGBT Pride Parade. (You will have guidance & support in this flexible role).
  • Each titleholder will receive a stipend, managed by the Producers, for the Title Holder’s vest and Mr. Palm Springs Leather entrance fee[s]. We ask that you commit some time each month to attend and support other communities.
  • You are required to focus on the Palm Springs Sisters and the Palm Springs Community for the entirety of your title year. If by chance you win Mr. Palm Springs Leather, your obligations will transfer to that title.
  • Attend PSSPI 2019 Contest in the third weekend of 2019 to transfer the title.


  • If a representative of PSSPI is in attendance at a fundraiser, it is best practice to hand off all funds raised for that organization immediately. Please get a signed notice stating the amount of money that was handed off to the organization as well as the date.


Produce a minimum of four events during the year. The events can be done quarterly with two of them being social events and two of them being charitable fundraising events.  Of the charitable events, one of them must be for a recognizable non-local charity and must be pre-approved by the contest producers.  The other charitable event must be for a charity that benefits the Palm Springs Leather Community.

  • The four events are minimum requirements. You are encouraged to host, attend, etc. other events as long as you are able to meet the minimum requirements of producing events. Co-producing events with each other is encouraged but is NOT considered meeting the minimum requirements UNLESS pre-approved by the contest producers.

In the event of inability or failure of a titleholder to uphold these requirements, it is to be expected that the First Runner-Up will assume the respective title and duties of the position, should they be willing and able.  The decision to replace the winner will be made solely by the owners and producers of the Contest.

The Producers may make changes to this contract during your title year.  You will be asked to review and sign the amended contract.  If you decide not to sign the amended contract, the old contract will remain in effect.